Ben Franklin: History You Can Talk To

Other Characters

Enjoy the superstars of the 16th and 17th centuries as GregRobin Smith brings his significant talent and expertise to a variety of historical eras and events. Ideal for school presentations, fundraising, groups, and social celebrations, these learned characters include:

Photo of G.Robin Smith as Robyn Plaeyr - Elizabethan Actor Robyn Plaeyr - Elizabethan Actor
Let Master Robyn direct your guests at your wedding, teach a May Pole Dance, build a Labyrinth or an entire Renaissance Faire for your celebration. From the Classroom (as an actor from the time of Shakespeare) to a Celebration for hundreds, Robyn Plaeyr provides interactive, educational, enchanting entertainments. For a performance (an evening fundraiser or a school assembly) try: "William Shakespeare - EXCLAIMED! - 37 Histories, Comedies, Tragedies and a couple of Duds - All in an Hour and a Half" (one hour for schools). A rather hyper, and hyperbolic, romp through the plays, sonnets, epic poetry, & characters all assassinated with audience involvement (willing or not) and a lot of yelling (and laughter)!  $850.00

Photo of G.Robin Smith as Sir Gregory - A Knight Sir Gregory - A Knight
Chivalry is at its best as GregRobin Smith brings Sir Gregory alive to speak of the realities and duties of being a Knight. Ideal for all groups and gatherings, Sir Gregory "customizes" his presentation to reflect the needs of individual groups.

For an evening fundraiser or a school assembly: For the Middle Ages: a high energy and fast paced "History of the Middle Ages (1,000 years of Plays, Plagues, Crusades, Arrows, Armor, Robin Hood and a Song or Two) done in 90 minutes (one hour for schools). $850.00

Photo of G.Robin Smith in medieval armor Knighthood and Scouting - Parallels Through Time
Uniquely suited for Scouts, Sir Gregory parallels the similarities between Scouting and Knighthood, bringing a real-life perspective (as a Knight and as an Eagle Scout) to the history of ethics and its heraldic ancestry. Presentation can include armor try-on, period knightly games and a pas d'arms (a battle in armor displaying all the chivalric graces.)

Photo of a Knightly Birthday Party Knightly Birthdays
Sir Gregory arrives bearing games, banners, clothing and armor and then, the excitement begins. The presentation will be the highlight of the day for your Prince or Princess. Featuring reconstructed armor and the playing of actual games from the period, Sir Gregory also talks about the reality of being Knight, the training and the reason Knights were held in such high esteem as well as what the guests would have been doing in the Days of Olde. The Presentation can include a pas d'arms (a battle in armor displaying all the chivalric graces.)

Other Presentations include: Hands-on programs relating to the Arts & Sciences of The Early Mediterranean (Ancient Greece), Medieval Europe, The English Renaissance, Colonial and Civil War America. Please visit: for prices and availability.